Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fukui’s Soil and Water

Fukui prefecture is located near the Japan Sea, about 200km north from Osaka. Most of the land is covered by green paddy fields and mountains, and you can enjoy pure Japanese nature, unpolluted as it stood centuries back.

September is the harvest period of the year. Mostly Japanese paddy cultivators are using the modern agriculture technology for harvest. Paddy farmers no longer have to follow the traditional method for harvest in Japan but some time they mark the beginning of the harvest with traditions dating back generations.

“I love soil and water” said Teraguchi Shiko, 24 year old sport trainer. He was taking part in the traditional harvesting in Ikeda city which is the largest paddy cultivating area in Fukui prefecture. “Here the paddy farmers are mostly over 65 years old people, younger Japanese are not interested in cultivation but I want to be one. I will change my sport trainer job and start rice field. That is the reason I am here today to learn how to use traditional methods” said Shiko.

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