Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Japanese traditional wedding takes in rice field

Ishikawa, Senmaida rice filed is one of the most beautiful view rice filed in Japan and each year two lucky couples will be drawn from a nation-wide lottery to have their wedding ceremony take a place at Senmaida rice filed in September. This year that fortune gets Japan Defense Force, Mizumoto Keiichi, 24 years old younger at Wajima city. His wife is Mizumoto Mami, 23 years old. 

“I’m so happy done our wedding in here because it was unusual experience and it will become good memory of our life” said, Mizumoto, 24 year old bridegroom just finished traditional way wedding ceremony at rice field.
The terraced rice fields of approximately 18,000 square meters, stretching down on the steep overlooking the northerly Japan sea, are located in Senmaida area, about 8km east from the central are of Wajima city, Ishikawa
prefecture about 295.3 kilometres (183.49 miles) from Tokyo, Japan. The geometrical pattern observed today was developed between the 17th and the middle of the 19th century.

Wajima local government has been arranging two wedding ceremony each year, which event started ten years ago 2000. Since that event started, 23 couples had taken their wedding ceremony  in Senmaida rice filed and that two couples
choose by lottery system. Even though, this year contest only one couple.
“My mother found this lottery system and she contest. Then we got the chance to do our wedding ceremony this wonderful rice field said, Mizumoto.

He also said, he was married March 2010 but he haven’t time to organize to wedding ceremony according his two year training period in Japan Defense Force. 

Senmaida annual wedding event arrange by Wajima local government and voluntary workers around the Wajima city.

Most Japan wedding ceremony are held hotels or wedding halls but this traditional Japanese wedding ceremony (Shinto-style) took a place top of the rice field make small and colorful wedding stage. Wood floor of stage covered by red carpet and bamboo trees stand both side of the middle. Bride and groom take a place on that stage and before the exchanging their rings drink sake three times which is rituals Shinto-style. That day Senmaida rice filed become as a temporally wedding hall.

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