Thursday, December 3, 2009

Korean labors Demand Japan’s Apology and Compensation

“Now is the time for the Japanese government to compensate the people for the war time damage” … under that banner two Korean nationalist ladies held the campaign and demanding of compensation for during the second world war time force to work in Fujikoshi company in Toyama prefecture in Japan. Their held the campaign with local right activists in the main entrance of Fujikoshi company.

Thousand four hundred school girls and 540 male of Korean were brought to Japan before and during the war and forced to work in factories for little or no pay as Japan desperately tried to keep its war machine going. During the Japanese colonial rule period of Korea thousands of younger brought to Japan for force to work. Japan military wad occupied Korea in 1910 and Korea was united until 1948.

Jeon Oknam, 79 years old and An Huisu 78 years old, Korean nationalist ladies brought to Japan when their were young girls in 1944. That times their were 14 and 13 years old student.

“Fujikoshi Company not had given any payment for us during our working period and who send back us by ship north part of Korea in 1945. Their promise our all salary settle one year later and they start company north part of Korea. That is totally lies” said, Jeon.

In 1998, Japanese machine tool manufacturer Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp agreed to pay 30 million yen ($272,500) to 40 million yen in compensation to three Korean plaintiffs for forced labor during World War II, the first settlement brokered by Japan's Supreme Court over wartime forced labor.
Then another 22 Koran including Jeon and An who were force to labor work during the World War second submit the legal action in Japan court and seeking of compensation by government and Fujikoshi company.

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